Blue Collars vs. The Techies

This is a quick write up for you all to give you a few examples of how those in blue collar industries think and act different than us in tech. It’s not better or worst, just 5 honest observations.

  1. Customers. Blue collar workers truly value their customers on a relationship-based level. They understand how important customers are to their ability to conduct business and they want to do a good job for them. In the Tech world, we see customers as data, always trying to figure consumed about getting more, and not necessarily about the customer in front of us. Techies can learn from the blue collar industry.
  2. Money. Techies understand that the only reason we’re in business is to make money. We are constantly trying to find new ideas and tap into new markets with the goal of making money. Blue collars on the other hand get caught in the cycle of working, at times, for cost and have very low profitability in some industries. Blue collars can learn a lot from techies when it comes to revenue generation. There’s just an understanding that aerial equipment repair can easily exist because money making businesses need it.
  3. Employees. Blue collar workers rely on their employees and train them well to become professionals. Us Techies generally hire for what we need, and don’t have the time to mold an employee into something greater. And, many techie employees have aspirations to leave us and start their own business anyway. Us Techies can learn a lot from blue collars.
  4. Tools. Blue collars use tools to get their jobs done. Techies often build custom tools as their job. We can both learn from each other here.
  5. Sales. Techies understand the value of selling and marketing. We understand that the process takes time and we can view data to track our progress. Blue collars want to see immediate results and don’t always understand the long sales cycle. Blue collars can learn something from us Techies.

Here’s a funny video on blue collar jokes:

Just a few observations. Siding in Wenatchee helped out on this post. I’m sure these will change or be expanded as my mission continues.